Here you will find our minipilot-products, the biplane „mini-comet“ and the low-wing aircraft „mini-star“.

Whatever type of aircraft you select, each pedal plane has the following qualities and technical data:

  1. length / span / weight: 47.42Inches / 39.37Inches / ca. 33.069lb

  1. suited for children between the age of 3 - 8, respectively up to a weight of 52.12lb

  1. height-adjustable undercarriage

  1. prototypical control by a steering stick

  1. UV-resistant, durable plastic (ABS)

  1. robust construction by integrated metal structure

  1. very light, ball bearing mounted control and roll bearing drive

  1. puncture resitant tires made of polyurethane (PUR)

  1. properly tested and asssessed for safety with directive 2009/48/EG and DIN EN 71

  1. optional extras available

For do-it-yourself enthusiasts: the „mini-star“ is also available as a construction kit.

All parts of the pedal plane are hand made in Germany.



minipilot GmbH